Program 2016

Sym-2016-01IUTAM Symposium on Mechanics of Stretchable ElectronicsMarch 17-18, 2016Hangzhou
Sym-2016-02Mini-Symposium on Mechanics of Energy Storage and Conversion—Batteries, Thermoelectrics and Fuel Cells (MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit)March 28 - April 1, 2016Phoenix
Conf-2016-0113th Asia-Pacific Conference on Plasma Science and TechnologyMay 19-22, 2016Shanghai
Sym-2016-03IUTAM Symposium on Nonlinear and delayed dynamics of mechatronic systemsMay 23-27, 2016Nanjing
Conf-2016-02International Conference of Microfluidics, Nanofluidics and Lab-on-ChipJune 10-12, 2016Dalian
Sym-2016-04Mini-Symposium on Computational Mechanics Based Engineering and ScienceJuly 25-29, 2016Seoul
Sym-2016-05International Symposium on High-Reynolds TurbulenceOctober 4-11, 2016Lanzhou
Sym-2016-06IUTAM Symposium on Storm Surge Modelling and ForecastingOctober 17-19, 2016Shanghai
Sym-2016-07Joint US-China Session on micromechanics, biomechanics and mechanics of functional materialsNovember, 2016Phoenix