Program 2019

Conf-2018-01CAMT2019–Congress in Advanced Materials TechnologyApril 19-21, 2019Shanghai, China
Conf-2019-023rd Internaitonal Symposium of Cavitaiton and Multiphase FlowApril 19-22, 2019Shanghai, China
SS-2019-01IUTAM-BICTAM Summer School on Violent Flows with a Free SurfaceJune 2-8, 2019Shanghai, China
Sym-2019-01ZwickRoell Science Award & Academia DayJune 13-14, 2019Shanghai, China
Sym-2019-02Sino-Italian workshop on BiomechanicsJuly 1-3, 2019Rome, Italy
Conf-2019-03Asian Workshop on Theoretical and Applied MechanicsAugust 25-28, 2019Hangzhou, China
Conf-2019-03The 6th Asia-Pacific International Conference on Computational Methods in EngineeringSeptember 27-30, 2019Dalian, China
Sym-2019-032nd Workshop on "Superlubricity at nano and mesoscales"October 15-18, 2019Beijing, China