Post-Doctoral Position of Theoretical and Computational Mechanics

(Starting Fall 2008)

A Cosserat Point Element (CPE) for finite deformation elastic-viscoplastic materials


Recently the theory of a Cosserat Point has been used to develop an eight noded 3-D brick Cosserat Point Element (CPE) for finite deformation elasticity. In contrast with standard finite element procedures, the CPE approach treats the element as a structure and proposes a strain energy function that ensures positive stiffness to all inhomogeneous modes of deformation. This leads to a CPE that does not experience hourglass instabilities exhibited by elements in commercial codes.

Objective of research:

This research will attempt to use the Cosserat approach to develop a CPE that can model finite deformation elasticviscoplastic response.


  • Knowledge of nonlinear continuum mechanics
  • Knowledge of the symbolic program Maple
  • Knowledge of the finite element program ABAQUS
  • Ability to program a user element in ABAQUS
  • Ability to program an element in the finite element program FEAP

Application process: Send a current curriculum vitae with three references (including Emails) and a short (no more than one page) explanation of why you are interested and qualified for this Post-Doctoral position.

Professor Miles B Rubin
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
Email: mbrubin(at)