Prof. Gao Huajian Appointed Chairman of Scientific Committee of BICTAM

Professor Gao Huajian, Director of the Mechano-X Institute (THUM) of Tsinghua University and foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was appointed as chairman of the scientific committee of Beijing International Center for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (BICTAM) during an appointment ceremony hosted by the Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (CSTAM). This ceremony took place at the Mechanics and Interdisciplinary Seminar organized by Tsinghua University on April 26, 2024.

He Guowei, vice President of CSTAM, presided over the appointment ceremony. Zheng Xiaojing, President of CSTAM, presented Gao Huajian with the appointment certificate. Former President of CSTAM Yang Wei, vice Presidents of CSTAM Chen Shiyi, Yang Shaopu, Feng Xiqiao, Guo Xu, Qu Shaoxing, and executive deputy Secretary-General Tang Yanan, all participated in the ceremony.

Professor Gao Huajian is a world-renowned scientist in mechanics, materials, and engineering science. He is a member of National Academy of Science of USA, National Academy of Engineering of USA, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a fellow of the Royal Society, German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, and a foreign member of Academia Europaea. His career is marked by exceptional accomplishments, being the sole recipient of all three top honors in his field: the Rodney Hill Prize, Timoshenko Medal, and ASME Medal, a feat unmatched on the global stage. Professor Gao was appointed as Chair Professor of Tsinghua University on January 2024.