The South China Sea Tsunami Workshop was held in Shanghai

The South China Sea Tsunami Workshop has been held in Minhang Campus of The Shanghai Jiaotong University from December 1st to 3rd in 2008, which was organized by The Shanghai Jiaotong University, The Cornell University of America, The Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, The Beijing International Center for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, and The Shanghai Society of Mechanics.

The opening session began with a welcome speech, given by Professor Hua Liu of The Shanghai Jiaotong University. Professor Philip L-F Liu of The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the Cornell University of America delivered a lecture entitled “Potential Tsunami Hazards in the South China Sea Region and the Development of an Early Warming System”. Professor Jiachun Li,The president of CSTAM, Professor Yousheng He of The Shanghai Jiaotong University and Professor Shiqiang Dai of The Shanghai University were invited to attend the workshop.  The experts of National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center presented a brief overview of the development of Tsunami Warning System of the South China seas. The potential seismic risk under the sea of the Manila Trench, the mechanism of the tsunami disaster and the key technology of the development of an early warning system were highlighted in the workshop, which can promote the joint research of the scientists from the South China Sea. The number of the participants totals 35 mainly from China, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine and other countries and areas.

During the workshop, Professor Jie Zhang, President of The Shanghai Jiaotong University met with Professor Philip L-F Liu. and Professor Jiachun Li. The participants also visited the new deep-water testing basin of The Shanghai Jiaotong University.