BICTAM Short Course (2013), Beijing

Micromechanics and Damage – Healing Mechanisms for Heterogeneous and Composite Materials

Speaker: Professor J Woody Ju (University of California, Los Angeles, USA)

Date and time: 9:00 – 11:00, August 26th and 9:00 – 11:00, August 27th, 2013

Venue: Hall room, 1# Building, Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Chair: Professor Youshi Hong, member of BICTAM Scientific Committee

About the speaker: (

Professor Ju received his MS/PhD from UC Berkeley. He is a Distinguished Professor at UCLA, and served as Dept. Chair. Prof. Ju served as an Associate Editor for Journal of Eng. Materials & Technology, and Journal of Applied Mechanics. He is Editor of Intl. Journal of Damage Mechanics (2011 Impact Factor = 1.93), Associate Editor of J. of Nanomechanics & Micromechanics, and Editorial Board of Acta Mechanica.

Prof. Ju received the 1991 Presidential Young Investigator Award from NSF, 1991 Alfred Rheinstein Faculty Award from Princeton Univ., 1997 ASCE Walter Huber Civil Eng. Research Award, 1998 ASME Fellow, 2000 ACI Award in NDE, 2006 ASCE Fellow, 2007 USACM Fellow, 2008 ACI Fellow, 2008-2009 Chair Professor from Univ. Paris 6/ENS Cachan, 2008 Publication Award of Merit from Structural Engineers Association, 2009-2012 Chang-Jiang Scholar Chair Professor (GXU), 2010 IACM Fellow, 2010 Kwang-Hua Chair Professor (TJU), 2011-2012 Tongji Univ. Chair Professor, National 1000 Talents Program Chair Professor (2013-2017), Tongji University Distinguished Chair Professor (2013-2017), Guangxi University Distinguished Chair Professor (2013-2016), and the 2013 ICACM Award, etc. Prof. Ju’s publications have been highly cited by ISI Web of Science (SCI); his h-index is currently 25.


In this short course, we will review and explore recent advances in three innovative areas within the scope of micromechanics and damage-healign mechanics.

  1. First, we investigate the size-dependent probabilistic damage micromechanics and toughening behavior of particle or fiber reinforced composites. (August 26th)
  2. Second, we present the latest revolutionary development on mechanical properties of innovative pothole patching materials featuring high-toughness low-viscosity nano-molecular resins. (August 27th)
  3. If time would permit, we will present innovative hybrid coupled elastoplastic damage and healing models for geomaterials during earth moving processes. (August 27th)