BICTAM Workshop on Wave Mechanics in Heterogeneous Materials was held in Beijing

Hosted by Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), “workshop on wave mechanics in heterogeneous materials” was successfully held in Beijing during June 20-21, 2015.

More than 50 scientists from China, USA, and France attended the workshop as well as took part in the discussions. The workshop committee invited above 20 distinguished scholars engaging in wave mechanics who had in-depth exchanges and discussions on latest progresses and challenging scientific issues of today on Wave Mechanics. Nineteen academic reports were presented during this two days’ workshop. They are: wave propagation in heterogeneous materials, phononic crystals and acoustic metamaterials, wave mechanics in Porous medium, and the application of wave mechanics, etc.

BICTAM sym 2015 06

As a basic and applicable subject, wave mechanics has an important application value in engineering field. Started from this century, the emerging of new material structures and new application demands bring brand-new challenges for the development of wave mechanics. The success of the workshop carries out a beneficial attempt for further promoting academic exchanges and rapid developments in wave mechanics to move forward.